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$48/month for one class per week 

                         (4 classes in a calendar month)

+ $15/month to add Unlimited Classes

+ $15/month to add a sibling

$15 per drop-in class + $5 per sibling drop-in

By joining one of our superscription options, your child will receive higher priority preference then drop in or trial classes. Sign up limit is 18 kiddos per class.

Classes are paid per calendar month. We do not give refunds for unused classes. Classes do not roll over into a new calendar month with one exception: The $48 class option with 4 classes in a month can be rolled over into the next consecutive month IF and only IF you pay the $48 for that consecutive month. That will allow you to Make-up any classes in the previous month in addition to the 4 classes for the current month.  Example:  if you missed 1 class in January and you then pay for February, you can now attend 5 classes in february ( 4 classes plus the 1 "make-up class")

Paid sucribers

    Baby Bounce     - for 0-2 year olds

   Big Kid Boogie  - for 16m -5 years


There is no need to register ahead of time for classes. Just Drop In for your first class - It's FREE!!!! After that, you can decide if you'd like to continue doing drop-in's or a 4 class/ month option... or UNLIMITED classes!! Sign the waiver ahead of time to save yourself a few minutes. Just click the link:

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