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$48/month for one class per week 

                         (4 classes in a calendar month)

+ $15/month to add Unlimited Classes

+ $15/month to add a sibling

$15 per drop-in class + $5 per sibling drop-in

Classes are paid per calendar month. We do not give refunds for unused classes. Classes do not roll over into a new calendar month with one exception: The $48 class option with 4 classes in a month can be rolled over into the next consecutive month IF and only IF you pay the $48 for that consecutive month. That will allow you to Make-up any classes in the previous month in addition to the 4 classes for the current month.  Example:  if you missed 1 class in January and you then pay for February, you can now attend 5 classes in february ( 4 classes plus the 1 "make-up class")

    Baby Bounce     - for 0-2 year olds

   Big Kid Boogie  - for 16m -5 years


There is no need to register ahead of time for classes. Just Drop In for your first class - It's FREE!!!! After that, you can decide if you'd like to continue doing drop-in's or a 4 class/ month option... or UNLIMITED classes!! Sign the waiver ahead of time to save yourself a few minutes. Just click the link:

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