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Bounce n' Boogie, LLC
ActiveME Camps 2019
We are a creative new program that is both academic and physically engaging. Children will engage in the instruction and exploration of music, dance, tumbling, visual arts, reading, math, singing, storytelling, and guided imaginative play. We have designed an integrated curriculum that nurtures a child's love of learning and need for play!
Bounce n’ Boogie, LLC stands out from the rest with its flexible and affordable programs.  We offer convenience and quality at a price that fits your budget!  We are not a preschool. We provide engaging theme-based 4-week camps for preschool age children as an alternative to lengthy school contracts.  We understand busy family schedules and provide high quality programs that are adaptable to your needs.  Our teachers are qualified, loyal, dedicated, and sweet as can be! 

Tuesdays and Thursdays    
 8:30- 11:30 AM       
                                =  $190 /4-week camp
T / Th  Lunch Hour           
 11:30-12:30 PM          
                                 = $ 35 / 4-week camp


** Younger siblings receive a $20 off discount / camp.

ActiveME Camp Dates  2019

______ ActiveME Camp 1 (Tue, January 8  – Thu, Jan. 31 )
______ ActiveME Camp 2 (Tue, Feb 5 – Thu, February 28 )
______ ActiveME Camp 3 (Tue, March 5  – Thu, March 28 )  
______ ActiveME Camp 4 (Tue, April 2 – Thu, April 25 )  
______ ActiveME Camp 5 (Tue, April 30 - Thu, May 23)
                                                         **no camp the week of May 28th**
______ ActiveME Camp 6 (Tue, June 4 - Thu, June 27)

______ ActiveME Camp 7 (Tue, July 2 -Thu, July 25)

______ ActiveME Camp 8 (Tue, July 30 - Thu, August 22)

______ ActiveME Camp 9 (Tue, August 27 -Thu, Sept 19)

______ ActiveME Camp 10 (Tue, Sept 24 -Thu, Oct 17)

______ ActiveME Camp 11 (Tue, Oct. 22 - Thu, Nov 14)

______ ActiveME Camp 12 (Tue, Nov 19 - 21 and Dec 3 -19)
                                                       **no camp the week of Nov 25th**
                                                       **no camp the weeks of Dec 23rd and 30th**

All camps are 4 weeks long (Exactly 8 class days). Tuition is drafted the Tuesday prior to the new camp starting.

Our mission:  
Bounce n' Boogie, LLC ActiveME Camps are designed for 16 months-5 yr olds to move, dance, tumble, and experience academics with their whole bodies. Our mission is to develop a solid educational foundation through integrated and imaginative play that is grounded in music, movement, and visual arts. 

"...For it is the movements of their body that create the pathways in their mind for reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, and creative thinking."
Susan Johnson, MD

Our philosophy
“A close look at what constitutes the best kind of experience for infants and young children leads quickly to the arts. From a baby’s first lullaby, to a three-year-old’s experimentation with finger paint, to a seven-year-old’s dramatization of a favorite story, developmentally appropriate arts experience is critical. For all children, at all ability levels, the arts play a central role in cognitive, motor, language, and social-emotional development. The arts motivate and engage children in learning, stimulate memory and facilitate understanding, enhance symbolic communications, promote relationships, and provide an avenue for building competence. The arts are natural for young children. Child development specialists note that play is the business of young children; play is the way children promote and enhance their development. The arts are a most natural vehicle for play.”         The Arts Education Partnership
So essentially we believe that preschoolers love to move and groove and by directing this energy, we can enrich their minds with essential information that will not only prepare them for school, but also inspire them to love learning!

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