Bounce n' Boogie, LLC - Musical Activity Classes for 0-5yrs
Class Schedule & Pricing:
      (prices already include tax!)
   $40 /month for 1 class per week
$55 /month UNLIMITED Classes!!!
Only $15 for siblings!!!


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Bring your socks!!!!

NOVEMBER schedule below: 

 9:30 Big Kid Boogie  (16m-5yrs) 
10:30 Baby Bounce   (0-24m)
11:30 Toddler Art  (1-3y)  -30min class

 9:30 Big Kid Boogie(16m-5yrs)
10:30 Baby Bounce  (0-24m)  
11:30 Soccer & more (walkers-4yrs)- 30 min   
12:00 ART    

9:30 Big Kid Boogie 
10:30 Baby Bounce  

3:15 Big Kid Boogie     ****NO afternoon classes on NOV, 26th.
4:15 Baby Bounce 

Thursdays :      **NO classes on Thur, Nov 27th-Thanksgiving
10:30 Big Kid boogie (16m-5y)  
11:30 Baby Bounce  

Fridays:          **NO classes on Fri, Nov 28th-Thanksgiving
9:30 Baby Bounce
10:30 Big Kid Boogie
11:30 Soccer & More

9:30 Big Kid Boogie
10:30 Baby Bounce 


Saturday  & Sunday
open for Birthday Parties!
Only $175!!!! Click here for more info.
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